Where do we be headed?

supermoonIt is hard to imagine how humans can be considered anything more than an evolutionary detour, a genetic aberration, that is in the process of sorting itself out.  Some days I am more optimistic than others as to the likelihood of that happening.

It is profoundly saddening to see not only the atrocities inflicted on young children in Iraq by the extremist militants of ISIS, but also the response of some Christians that would have us believe that these actions are somehow “typical Muslim behavior.”

The beheading of children has nothing to do with religion. 

There is no religion that I am aware of, certainly not Christian and certainly not Muslim, that has any doctrines that would support such an act.  This is merely the act of lunatics, psychotics and horse’s asses.  If they think they have authority from some higher power to commit these crimes, then they merely prove my case for me.  However, people that would conveniently lump these horse’s asses into a particular “religion” have their own psychosis to deal with and are likely horse’s asses and lunatics themselves.

Neither course of action helps the human race get off its self destructive evolutionary detour and onto a course where it has a any chance of survival as a species.

Charles Buell

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