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This work can be as much of an experience for the viewer as it is for myself. I do not require anything specific on the part of the viewer (given the understanding that “looking” is necessarily colored by what the viewer brings to the experience). Who I am, and why or what I paint, cannot help the viewer understand his/her own experience of the work. Whatever comes up in the process of looking is okay. Trust your experience (your experience of yourself). Art can be recognized as a creative experience that can totally transform the viewer so that the course of his or her life shifts. We do not need to analyze art—we need to take responsibility for the creativity in us all, that is: our unique and personal visual experience. Analysis actually interferes with that process. Even the things we say are the same, are actually different each time we look at them.

Charles Buell

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Non-titled, 75 “x76″ (non-directional) (Acrylic on canvas)
Non-titled, 40″x64″ (non-directional) (Acrylic on canvas)
Non-titled, 63 “x64″ (non-directional) (Acrylic on canvas)
Non-titled, 53″x64″ (non-directional) (Acrylic on canvas)
Non-titled, 40″x39-1/2″ (non-directional) (Acrylic on canvas)

Non-titled, 75 “x76″ (non-directional) (Acrylic on canvas)

Non-titled, 9 “x16″ (non-directional) (graphite & pastel)
Non-titled, 9 “x16″ (non-directional) (graphite & pastel)

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