What’s up America?

What’s up America?

Most other civilized–scratch that–most other first world countries have gotten their shit together in dealing with Covid-19, but the USA, alone, leads the way in demonstrating how NOT to deal with the virus.

It clearly shows how to be “first” at not dealing with the virus.

An answer as to why this happened I hear is that we responded the way we did, and the way we are,  because we are free here, we have a constitution here.  We have a constitution that prevents the government from responding the way other countries have been able to do.

And it is said in a way that one is supposed to believe this is a positive attribute.

A simple thing like the president mandated mask wearing and social distancing is not possible because of our constitution.

Does this seem like a problem to anyone but me?

I am not sure it is even true.

Seriously, if this were “War of the Worlds,” does anyone not think that the government would figure out a way to protect all its citizens from the aliens? or at least die trying?  Isn’t Covid-19 alien enough?

Of course someone would have to make a fortune off of it in the process.

If this whole constitution thing is real, we may want to think seriously about making whatever changes are necessary that would better allow us to take care of ourselves.

Tik Tok—the clock is ticking.

Can you hear it?

Charles Buell