Using 10% of your brain—how to boost it to 12% while you sleep!

Like most of my generation, I grew up under the assumption that we only use 10% of our brains. Early on, I was determined to be the first person on the planet to use more than 10%. I figured that if I could make that happen, I could be such a contribution to humanity.

10% of me
10% of me

Not only have I discovered, now that I am older, that it is highly unlikely that I am going to accomplish my goal I have to deal with the fact that all humans use 100% of their brain pretty much 100% of the time.

These are very painful realizations!

The fact that it never occurred to most people just how ludicrous the notion that we only use 10% of our brains is, proves that we just plain have no clue how to use it. It should have been my first hint that it would not be possible for me to be that first exception.

Our brains are like cars with the drive axle blocked up so the wheels are not touching the ground. We then fully expect the car to go somewhere. It sits there working 100% or more and going nowhere.

Back when I thought we used only 10% of our brains, I saw incredible opportunity for humanity to actually pull itself out of its quest for extinction. Now I realize how much more complicated and difficult it actually is going to be.

So now it becomes a matter of figuring out why people SEEM to under-utilize they brains. It turns out that it has more to do with genetics, what we feed it, blood circulation and other factors that make some people seem smarter than others.

Another thing that plagues human brains is the fact that there appears to be little relationship between being smart and doing what is right. I always dreamed that one’s moral compass was somehow integrated with how smart we are. However, we see very smart people slide off the deep end all the time that have IQ’s that make mine look like the desired indoor air temperature.

I now find it incredibly distressing that I have been using my brain 100% of the time!

I think perhaps I need a Twinkie to get things going in the right direction.


Charles Buell

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