The Simplicity of Being Oblivious

twin ponds 60913 (37)aBefore you get all high and mighty and think you understand the difficult choices that had to be made, when those difficult choices had to be made, let me provide you with a bit of the back story.

As long as Henry could remember, he knew about “The Choice.”  He knew that sooner or later it would be his turn to choose—it was only a matter of time—of which he had nothing but.  Given the untenable conditions under which he lived, he looked forward to it.  He knew that whether that choice came in a week, a year or 100 years, he would jump on the opportunity in a second to leave this wretched place.

Everyone he knew felt this way—it was the condition of life itself.  It had always been this way and most likely always would be this way.

If the lives we live have “themes,” monotony or boredom would be the theme of this place.  Change only comes about through the natural cycle of choices.

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