The Princess

froggie2One day the King called his son, the Prince, to his bedside.

“Son,” said the King, “As you know I am dying and soon all of the kingdom will be yours.  But first you must find a Princess and marry her.”

As a side note, the Prince was a pretty bright fellow and he considered the possibility that by strict interpretation of the King’s words, one might think that if the prince never married the King would never die.

The Prince knew this would be no easy task, as he had already turned down several options the King had suggested to him.  The Prince wanted to make up his own mind.  In the past there would have been no question.  If the King had said you will marry this Princess or that Princess—even if she did have a wart on her nose as big as the back forty—you would have simply obeyed.  But these were different times.

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