The Human Race is the Only Race

We all should be concerned as to where we are racing too.

If the truck gets stuck we all get stuck

We are considerably more different from one another in all the things of no importance than we are different due to genetics.  Our religions, our politics–these things of no real “intrinsic” (genetic) purpose in our lives–are what drive us to war, prejudice, greed and selfishness.

Genetically, the human genome, over all the globe, is different, person to person, less than .5%.  No matter how different we look, speak, smell, pray, or live in denial, we are ALL 99.5% the same.

The very notion of talking about racial differences is absurd in this light.

Talking about the Mexicans, or the Americans, or the Muslims, or the Jews in terms of race, is focusing on all the stuff that does not matter—not race.

Racially motivated killings, mass shootings, beatings and worse are not “racist,” on a genetic level.  These acts are done by mentally ill, idiotic, misinformed, misogynistic ASSHOLES not racists.  To blame race is to add something that is not possible, as a distraction from our dealing with the real problems of mental health, poor education, misguided religion, greed, nationalism, and privilege (this is the short list).

It ignores the Golden Rule and even goes against the supposed tenants of most religions.

Race is something fixed, built-in, permanent.  To call something learned (being an asshole etc), something that is “built-in,” will get us all killed in the end.

To fix this, we must have the cajones to abandon what is not important, or at least be willing to take them off the front burner and focus on what we all have in common genetically.  We must turn off our inner asshole and embrace that we all sink or swim together because we are, the human race to the end.

The only race is the human race.

Charles Buell