Drinking the Kool-Aid!

All of our parents fed us Kool-Aid

Our grandparents fed our parents Kool-Aid

koolaidOur great grandparents fed our grandparents Kool-Aid.


All of us will feed our children Kool-Aid.

Our children will feed their children Kool-Aid

Our children’s children will be feed their children Kool-Aid.


Even before they knew what to call it, parents have given their kids Kool-Aid.

Eventually they named it, “Kool-Aid”

The packaging has changed over the years

It comes in all kinds of flavors

It comes in a rainbow of colors

It can even be disguised as Jell-O

And Popsicles.


Some parents are careful how much sugar they add

Some parents think too much sugar is OK

All the same, it is still Kool-Aid.

Everybody thinks that their particular flavor is the best.

Some people change flavors and colors.

Everybody loves their Kool-Aid.

By Charles Buell