Shedding Our Skin

Friends and family vicariously wrestle with our tragic flaws and discuss the obvious solutions and anticipate the predictable outcomes.

DSCF8830To them it is as if these flaws are clothes from Goodwill that one can simply shed–like a snake sheds its skin.  However, a snake has no choice in the matter.  To us our flaws “matter” even when there is no point.

All the while, we are either tragically oblivious to our own flaws or we are too painfully aware of them to discuss them at all.  They become a uniform we could not march into battle without–even though the war is long over and the dead are buried.

And then their are the deeper tragic flaws that are masked by the colorful flaws that everyone can see–they are the darker secrets we hold close.  They are the secrets that drive us like a speeding train with no brakes, and sooner or later rewards us with regret.

We do make a sort of peace with them–but there is always a cost.  They are more like wounds that will not heal for those that wear them–and we all wear them.

Sometimes they seem worth the cost, sometimes not.  Most of the time there is no way to really know, but they are no doubt more fodder to keep ourselves, our friends and our family entertained.  When it comes to our flaws, it often takes a great deal of insight and self awareness to avoid getting what we want.

Charles Buell

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