It is easy to feel separate from the things around us—from other people–from the whole world.  It takes a lot of work and courage to see how interconnected everything is.  There is even a worldwide movement that reflectingsees the earth as a superorganism where humans are but a part of the whole organism–some might argue that our involvement is more like a cancer by the way we act at times.

The total degree to just how interconnected we all are may be outside the grasp of the mind’s current state of evolution.  Add to that the various pressures to deny interconnectedness and some people can live their whole lives in desperation.

Every day science informs us as to how one thing impacts another in some way we never realized.  It is not a new concept; we have known a long time about the consequences of how pissing upstream becomes someone’s drinking water downstream.

When we look in a mirror it is pretty easy to see ourselves reflected in something else–the mirror.  It is also true that a door reflects our image–we just can’t see it–perhaps a shadow, if the light is just right.  The door nonetheless sees us.  While these are most likely only metaphors of connectedness, we truly are made up of the elements of the earth and these elements do end up back there–they never left actually.

For some reason we don’t like to think of ourselves being interconnected because we might be required to see ourselves becoming food for something else–as we return to dust.

For me I would find it more disappointing to discover that we aren’t somehow all interconnected–however much we might act that way at times.

Charles Buell

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