Henry and the Dinosaur

Henry and his brother and cousins liked to fight great battles for truth and justice in the woods.  One day it would be Davy Crockett fighting against impossible odds at the Alamo—or Robin Hood outwitting the Sheriff of Nottingham forest—-another day it might be Zorro, or the Lone Ranger.  Regardless it was never about “pretending” to be these heroes—they were them.  They were invincible—even invisible if necessary.

The Famous Explorers
The Famous Explorers

One day as they were fighting desperate battles with enemies seen and unseen along the old logging road in the woods next to the farm, they came across something white sticking out of the leaves under a monstrous oak tree.  They laid down their swords and cleared away some of the leaves, twigs and piles of acorn hats from around the object. They quickly realized it was a gigantic bone.  And not just one bone—there were several bones—dinosaur bones!
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