Graven Images


Extravagant infrastructure, ornate trappings, elaborate rituals and large amounts of agreement cannot disguise or conceal that religions largely represent the illusion of something to lean on in difficult times—or a reason for euphoria and gratefulness when times are good.

They ARE indeed the false gods we were warned about.

The fear, question, or panic over what comes “next,” should not be the seed, or excuse, or reason for manufacturing graven images.

It is perplexing that the followers of any particular religion apparently assume their religion is excluded from the discussion—obviously.

We should no more worry about what comes next, than we did about coming here to begin with—but at times we will. This is normal.

Making stuff up is also normal—just not helpful, as it requires extravagant infrastructure, ornate trappings, elaborate rituals and large amounts of agreement. It requires fortitude and great strength to resist making things up.

It is harmful in that making things up supports the delusion that some human beings are less important than others.

It is logical that if we are “going somewhere,” we likewise “came from somewhere.”

I do not remember putting a lot of energy into coming here or worrying about what I was leaving. Just like everyone else, I came here kicking and screaming—the result of someone else’s efforts. I would like to put a corresponding amount of energy into where I am going next—as I likely won’t remember that either. I will feel lucky if I still have most of my marbles and get to go—kicking and screaming—the same as I arrived.

Charles Buell

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