Evil happens when we believe in cheese that is not there.

eagle3All the things we assume true (but actually are not true—or at least cannot be proven) are buried fundamentally in what we bring to any discussion.  Because of this we are always vulnerable to being seen as less than able to support our entire position—as well as blind to the other person’s position.

When we are not fully committed to vetting what we think is true, we reduce the chance of ever hearing another person’s point of view—or even being accurate in our own.

Relying on, or believing in, what we assume to be true is perhaps the biggest danger of all.

The best laws are those that protect us from our own blindness as well as the blindness of others.

Given that laws are created by the fundamentally blind (being human), it takes great vigilance, patience, insight, time and wisdom to get to a place where all are equally protected—but mostly it takes willingness.

It also takes understanding that all our human endeavors are works-in-progress and no “past” or “future” can tell us what is necessary in the “now.” In their own limited ways, I think our Founding Fathers were interested in this.

There is a kind of tyranny in a reliance on the past.  This tyranny forces us to repeat the past over and over.

Even rats eventually stop going down the same tunnel after the cheese.

Happy 4th of July!

Charles Buell

2 thoughts on “Evil happens when we believe in cheese that is not there.”

  1. I am aware from personal experience that change is the most likely way to arrive at the right answers for one’s self. I was raised by a father who had strong beliefs and ingrained them on his children one by one. Over the years we have all migrated from his dictates to beliefs we hold, learned through experience and interactions with others. I’m quite happy not to be spouting his fine opinions formed in the 50’s and 60’s.
    Like all other things, the constitution and bill of rights should grow and develop over time with considered insights into the needs of humanity is it is today. Happy 4th to you.

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