Crack That Whip

Why are kids today, seemingly more rebellious and angry than their parents?  Some say it is because there is less corporal punishment.

Could it be that parents that were spanked got the message.  The message that life has no meaning, so do what I say just because.

How does a kid’s brain embrace, make sense of, the behavior toward them by the persons that are supposed to love them the most?

They apparently do not—at least not undamaged.

Almost daily we see kids walk into schools and commit suicide by cop, and this is supposed to be because of lack of proper whippings?  Perhaps the jig is up, and the Kool-Aid of religion, money and joining the rat-race is just not enough meaning anymore.  Was it ever?

It seems a plea for help from the abuse, neglect, bullying—and yes, even the whippings.

Charles Buell