About the Author

selfoldstylemovieI was born in New England in Southbridge, Massachusetts in 1947, and was raised on a rural farm in Eastford, Connecticut.  The paths I have followed to get to where I am today are like the cow paths that crisscrossed the pastures and woods of that farm. 

The thing about paths is that they all lead somewhere, and sometimes, like cows or bulls, as the case may be, we create our own paths.  Some of these new paths get us in trouble, some lead us to greener pastures, but they all make up the stories of our lives. 

So I have traveled these paths as a farmer, a builder, a home inspector, a teacher, a painter, a writer, a dad and many other things and they have all conspired to get me where I am today.  The writings on this website are an attempt to share some of what I have learned on those trails–and from those trials.

Charles Buell