The Traveler, the Stranger, and the Tsunami

Bandon 2012 (227)a

The Traveler had grown desperately weary of his quest.  He had traveled to many countries and continents in search of “enlightenment.”

He had been to the Steppes of Nepal, spoken with the Dali Lama, visited with Sister Theresa in India, hung out with Ram Dass, got high with Timothy Leary, and read everything of Alan Watts and Krishnamurti.  He even spent some time in a Buddhist Monastery on the slopes of Mt Fuji, but still he had never found the peace he was looking for—the enlightenment he was looking for.  He found it unfathomable that no one seemed to have “the answer.”  Surely, at some point in the 200,000 years of human history, someone would have found the answer—or at least an answer.  What were the odds of something that could be found—not be found?