The Shopping Cart

As long as anyone could remember, she had been pushing her rusted and limping Safeway cart along Market Street.  There was a string of small bells, a cat’s collar, tied on the cart that let everyone know of her approach.  The cart’s secret contents were hidden under a shroud of brown plastic.  Non-secret items were hung all around the exterior like a necklace of colorful floats or other items one might find at the beach or Good-will.

The Path

The Path

The frame of the cart was crumpled on one side from being hit by a garbage truck.  If you looked hard, you could still find the truck’s green paint on the cart.  The accident happened one dark morning when she could not pull the cart out of the street and up onto the sidewalk quick enough to avoid the speeding truck.  The garbage truck apparently never noticed her and she was left to pick up the pieces on her own.  When the truck ripped the cart out of her hands, the broken plastic covering on the cart handle cut her hand and she had to wrap her hand in a scarf while she worked to gather her things.

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